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Pancyprian Cultural and Educational Association


In November 2014, the first meeting for the European Vocational Education and Training program on Vocational Reintegration (VET to JOB) was held in Malaga, Spain. The meeting was attended by Cyprus, Spain, the United Kingdom, Austria, Finland and the coordinating country of Hungary. During the meeting the aims and objectives of the program were explained as well as the subsequent implementation steps and the dissemination of project results. Each country has expressed its own views and experiences and presented relevant statistical studies.  Cyprus was represented by Mr. Kleanthis Symeonides on behalf of the Euroculture Association, who presented the economic environment of Cyprus and how vocational training programs can help our unemployed compatriots by improving their skills to achieve occupational reintegration. The group of countries who attended are planning a visit to Cyprus in September 2015, which will attend a meeting with the Mayor of Latsia and other stakeholders on issues of common interest. Above you can see a photo from the conference.   

Kleanthis Symeonides


This article was posted in Greek in the local media.